Monday, November 18, 2019

The opening business in Saudi Arabia Research Paper

The opening business in Saudi Arabia - Research Paper Example Before opening the business in Saudi Arabia, it is important to keep in mind that it is a conservative country and its ethics and culture are no way similar to a western country like America. In Saudi Arabia, business activities are conducted at a slower pace compared to the US and so meetings initiate slowly. My advice to my client is to keep patience during business meetings as Arabians prefer to start meetings with informal conversations like topics about family and hobbies. My American client may find the meetings disordered as it is a common scenario that Arabians do not refrain from attending phone calls or allowing other people to interrupt. Americans make it a point to switch off their phones and pay total attention to whoever is speaking. In Saudi Arabia, my client will need to take the effort to bring the meeting back on track after any disruptions. While doing business with the Arabians time is not a factor since they prefer to do business at the leisurely pace. They engag e in courtesies which are lengthy, and pleasantries are exchanged both in the beginning and even during the course of the meeting. My client should be careful to avoid asking about the other person’s female relatives. Business conversations do not start before coffee is served and they frequently fall silent which indicates not rudeness but that they are contemplating. Contrary to the Americans who are task-oriented and therefore more particular about time, the Arabian culture is more relation-driven and so they focus on timing.

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